Buffaloes wish they could roll with me

yixing’s introduction during the overdose showcase  (/∇\*)。o○♡


just because he’s adorable ;; ©


LayHan predebut


so wait, if Yixing can like resurrect from his own ashes, does this mean he is immortal and can actually even heal himself?


Pretty sure this is the most accurate interpretation of EXO vs. their fans.

I Just…..

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"銀河から来た healing unicorn Lay です


Okay, so far, Lay is the one who improves his supernatural power greatest.

Two years ago, he could heal the dead flowers. BUT now, he can bring fragments to alive flower… MOREOVER, he can resurrect from his own ashes. SO, he is immortal and can actually even heal himself~~~~


"Do not hurt yourself, destroy yourself, mangle yourself to get the football captain - be the football captain, that’s it, it’s that simple.”

— Courtney Love


Ha, these are so cute 👯


Ha, these are so cute 👯


I think people should take it a little easy on Frances maybe.

Yeah, it would’ve been awesome if she’d gone to the HOF with her family to honour her dad, but let’s remember that while Kurt was her dad Frances has no memory of him at all. That in itself is heartbreaking and probably something…



I’m sorry to all my followers, but if Frances goes to Coachella (as she has done for six or seven years) when she was too “ill” to attend the induction, I will no longer be in mental state to run this blog. I do not want to be exposed to the negativity her decisions make me feel any longer. Thank you all. Much love. xx

Until then, things will continue as usual.